Tour Guide


Tel:0551-3736655(the new site)

0551-2823465(the old site)


The old site: No. 268, Anqing Road, Hefei, Anhui Province

The new site: No. 268, Huaining Road, Hefei, Anhui Province (500 meters south from the Swan Lake)

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Intangible Cultural Heritage Items

She Ink-stone, named after its production base She County, is a treasure among ink-stones. Its name, emerged in the Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty, spread to the whole nation and endured through the Tang, Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties. She Ink-stone is distinguished by its tough and lustrous slate and exquisite texture. It feels like soft skin and sounds like metallic stone.

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  • Diagonal Strut with design of two lions

  • Brick Carving of a White Crane in Clouds

  • Fan Dance

  • Warm Verdure on Hills

  • Ursus arctors

  • Hyaena sinensis